About Us

With 20 years experience in the Car Care and Auto Detailing industry, we are dedicated to the art of vehicle appearance, Autocare are trying hard to be Northern Ireland’s leading Valeting company. We aim to offer high quality car valeting at affordable prices.

As fully trained Valeters we know what it takes to produce a prestige valet, spending up to 5 hours for a full valet on your car you are guaranteed a quality finish.Using high quality Autoglym products designed to produce the best finish possible on all aspects of a vehicle, from carpets and upholstery, wheels and tyres to paintwork bumpers and glass. We use products that have been researched and developed to do the job.Our website offers all aspects of vehicle cleaning and appearance detailing that you might require, please feel free to browse the site, Autocare are trying to lead the way in Valeting for Northern Ireland and Ireland.